Ahhh RageChill.com, one of my favorite websites, especially for music. RageChill is basically what its title states- it’s rage or chill or somewhere in the middle. Basically, you slide the bar toward rage or chill, depending on what kind of music you want to listen to. It’s an extremely interesting and funny concept. It’s a nice way to get through this monday and the rest of the week. For all you “ragers”, all you hipsters, and everyone else somewhere in the middle, this is the online music source for you. It even makes a great party playlist! Of course, you can skip songs, but it’s rare that you don’t like one of the songs, they’re mostly pretty awesome. A list of songs you’ve listened to automatically appears. If you click on one, the music video pops up. An example of my experience- I’m right in the middle between the two at the moment; I just went from Taylor Swift to a dubstep/electro remix of La Roux’s “Bulletproof”. There’s a huge variety of artists varying from the super famous to up-and-coming acts equally an good. So fun.

Side-note: For an even cooler experience, sign in with Facebook or Twitter to have the option of creating a collection of songs you’ve liked and connecting with friends for a shared experience.


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