La Ville de L’amour et de Lumières

Paris, the city of love and lights! In case of improper French, I apologize to those of you who speak French, for the title was the work of google translate. Oh, how I love Paris. Originally born in Manhattan, New York City, the big apple most always takes the cake on my favorite city. However, Paris is a close second. It has so much culture, a perfect mix of old and new. I love the contrast of architecture seen in Paris. A prime example is the huge glass Louvre Pyramid smack in the middle of the 12th century Museé du Louvre. The point of my shenanigans is French photographer and panoramic master Gilles Vidal. He has created the most ridiculously stunning panoramas I have ever seen. For those of you who want to see just why I am in love with Paris or just want to see a unique view of the city, check out Gilles Vidal’s mind-blowing, full panorama of the City of Paris. It’s from a height above the Eiffel Tower.

Link to the main website:

Link specifically to the Paris panorama for those who have trouble navigating through French writing:

Check out his other work… it’s completely fascinating.

SIDENOTE: This is not the same Gilles Vidal as the Peugeot car company design chief, this one’s way more entertaining.


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